Join Me Karen Gilbert For A Perfume Making Class In the Gorgeous New Forest Countryside
Want To Create Your Own Natural Perfume?
26th September 2020


So You Want To Make Natural Perfume ....
But You Don't Know Where To Start
Have you been searching for the perfect natural perfume but can't find what you're looking for?
Ever thought you'd love to know what goes into the perfumes you see on the shelves but didn't know who to ask?
Ever wondered if you had what it takes to create your own scent?
In 2017 I retired my popular 1 day Natural Perfumery Masterclass to focus on my online perfumery training programme for artisan perfumers The Artisan Perfumery Mastermind.

I had recently moved to the New Forest in the English countryside and was struggling to find a suitable venue for my live classes. PLUS I found that travelling to London with all my equipment was no longer practical.
But In September 2019 I found an amazing space
Here in the forest, surrounded by nature. A place I knew would be inspiring and creative for budding natural perfumers. A space where I could both teach AND create. A space that I could invite YOU to join me in. To smell, learn and create your own scents.
Hi, I'm Karen Gilbert
I love sharing what I know and have the unique background of having worked both inside the fragrance industry as well as inside the natural skincare industry since 1990. 

I have developed and delivered training for companies as well as my own students and built 2 profitable business both on and offline. 

I have no affiliation with any company and I will always be 100% transparent and truthful – no fluff guaranteed! 
Imagine What It Would Be Like To Create Your Own Signature Scent
Many people buy the one day natural perfumery class as an original gift (instead of a bottle of perfume) for a loved one or as a treat for themselves.
All my classes are very in depth with lots of industry insider tips as well as lots and lots of hands on practical experience. Many students who have done classes with other teachers and are still stuck find that even after the 1 day class it all makes sense and falls into place. I tend to tailor each day to the experience level of the group so each class is a unique experience.
The group size is currently capped to a maximum of 4 people (for social distancing) ensuring everyone gets individual help and attention.
The best way to really learn perfumery is to throw yourself in and start making right away but that's a challenge for most people as there are so many materials to learn and experience.

Unless you have tens of thousands of ££ you can't buy them all.

This is just one reason why practical classes are so valuable - you get to sniff and blend from someone else's materials stash! 
Many of my past students have gone on to create fragrances for friends and family and some have even turned their hobby into a business.
The Natural Perfumery Masterclass
26th September 2020
The day will start with learning how to smell properly and training your nose like a professional. This is a really important step before you start creating. I will demystify fragrance families for you and reveal how a fragrance is blended with top middle and base notes.
You will learn how to create accords with a palette of natural materials including precious oils of Rose, Jasmine and Neroli and then blend them into a finished fragrance (or 2) which you will take away with you.
By the end of the course you will have learned about:
  • The sense of smell and how it works – Learning to describe scent
  • The beginners guide to training your nose – Lots of materials to smell!
  • Fragrance Classification – Smelling and identifying different fragrance families
  • Top, Middle and base notes – why they are important
  • Creating Accords – The key building blocks of fragrance
  • ​Creating a finished fragrance – Leave with a bottle of your own natural perfume

Just £299 for 1 place

This 1 day Natural Perfumery masterclass takes place at Karen’s studio in the village of Breamore (7 miles south of the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury) The studio is 20 minute taxi ride from Salisbury station which has regular trains to and from London and a journey time of just 1 hr 40 mins (please check individual routes) – although we would recommend staying in the gorgeous countryside nearby.
Come along with lots of imagination and a refreshed nose as you will be smelling and blending lots! 

All levels are welcome especially those with no prior fragrance experience – this is a beginners level class but very in depth.

You will also take away a set of comprehensive handouts and resources to buy materials should you want to take things further. Although we will be working with naturals only on the day I will talk a bit about the role of synthetic materials and have some on hand to smell if you wish – so feel free to bring your questions along. 

Over the years I've trained a huge variety of people from all walks of life in fragrance creation. From buyers for huge brands, fragrance professionals, retail staff, bloggers, journalists, small business owners, aromatherapists, herbalists, fashion designers, artists, accountants and the odd neuroscientist - most were complete newbies to perfumery.
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and also get this Business Masterclass

Perfume Business Bootcamp Recording #4

Thank you SO much for the perfume workshop last Saturday! You are amazing! So knowledgeable and generous and such a wonderful lovely teacher all round! I had a great day and learn lots! Thank you for answering all my questions and especially info on the wild rose absolute!
I just wanted to thank you for the workshop on Saturday. I feel I got a brilliant insight into the world of perfumery and am now left wanting to learn more…!
I would just like to tell you how much I enjoyed last Saturday’s Perfume Workshop. It was very interesting to hear more background information about the vast world of fragrance. Also, I realized I made several beginners’ mistakes (which I read about before, but still….), like when you have a particular brief, knowing which ingredients to use to accomplish making the fragrance you intended to make, and not something totally different… Practice practice…. It will be fun to explore the fragrance families and to recognize the differences and possibilities. Thank you for an interesting and inspirational day! It opened a whole new world of looking forward to learning so much more.
I just want to say thank you very much for the very inspiring class on Saturday! I loved it so much and I was very sad when it ended….  
It was so lovely to see you too. You are such an amazing teacher!!
I would just like to thank you for a wonderful day on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish… and all smells in between! I will be recommending this to friends as I know they would enjoy it too, the venue, the other attendees your delivery and the content were all fabulous. Lastly I have to say that I love having my own personally created fragrance – and this is definitely something that I shall look into in more detail so thanks very much for the resource info. Once again thanks for an enjoyable and enriching day
Will You Be Joining Us?....
Places Are Limited - 4 places only

Just £299 for 1 place

Due to the current govertment guidelines, places are limited to 4 so that everyone is able to have their own workstation and materials.

See you there

Karen x
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I'm a complete beginner, will it be too advanced?
The course is designed for all experience levels. It is very intensive so be prepared to LEARN A LOT if you have never studied perfumery before.
I'm a more advanced, will it be too basic?
The course is designed for all experience levels. We have people with many years of experience who attend the courses and always learn something new. Fragrance houses regularly send their staff to this training to improve their skills.
I just want to make natural perfume, is this course for me?
The basics of perfumery that you will learn are the same for both naturals and synthetics. Whether you want to create 100% natural perfumes or commercial fragrances using aroma chemicals this course is for you. A large percentage of our students have natural perfume businesses. 
Will we learn about all types of fragrance materials or just the ones made by Perfumersworld? 
The materials you will learn during the Foundation course AND the Professional Level training are the same as those used throughout the industry (naturals, aromachemicals, industry wide perfumers bases) PLUS the addition of Perfumersworld's own Fleuressence proprietary bases. At the last count we had over 800 materials for you to use. Please note: The training IS NOT just centered around the Fleuressence bases as I have seen inaccurately stated on some perfume forums. These are used in the basic training to explain the classification system and will be available for you to use if you wish, however the training is designed to give you an in depth knowledge of as many materials as possible that you will also find from other suppliers in the industry.
Can I pay in instalments?
Sorry you're too late - the course is fast approaching and we are now only accepting payment in full
Do I get a certificate?
Once you have completed the course Perfumersworld will send you a certificate of completion.
Where can I stay?
Accommodation is not included but there are plenty of B&B's and hotels in the area (early booking advised) PLUS there is some basic student accommodation on campus for those on a limited budget please contact and she will put you in touch with the university accommodation officer
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